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1935 1201 Club Sedan
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1935 1201 Club Sedan

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Dick Bautch Tells a Packard Story

I purchased my 1935 1201 Club Sedan on January 25, 2009 from Ralph Crouch in Jacksonville, Texas. It has a 320 cubic inch, 130 horsepower straight eight engine and a 134-inch wheelbase. It weighs 4850 pounds and sold for new $2580    (My mother made $800 a year teaching school in 1935.)  The car is all original and has only 24,250 miles.  I have detailed the engine and plan to leave the rest in original condition.  I learned of the car from Nelson Bates at the 2008 Salado meet.  I went to inspect the car in May and June of 2008 and was ready to pass on it.  But when the Lone Star Packards club visited Dick Burdick’s museum in Rosanky, Texas in November, 2008 I saw a postcard of the car and decided to pursue the purchase.  Negotiations went on for three months as they were trying to repair a cracked exhaust manifold, which they never were able to do. In the end, I bought the car with the manifold off and repaired it in Houston.

I am the eleventh owner of the car; I have researched and traced all previous owners and had the opportunity to talk to all those living.   The car has been in thirteen different cities, all in Texas.  In 1994, while the car was in a small museum in Van Horn, Texas, Ron Stone of KPRC’s “Eyes of Texas” television series made an episode on the museum and there were four small clips of my car.  I plan to keep it running for years and bring it to more Lone Star Packards club functions.