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from Tommy Baccaro, Assistant Director
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The 34th Annual Texas Packard Meet was another successful event and the planning for the 35th anniversary meet is now under way.  There were 54 Packards competing for awards plus two more for display only and they ranged from 1925 to 1956.  In addition there was a really pretty red and white Studebaker Hawk with the factory installed 352 engine. As usual, Lone Star members came home with a fair share of awards.  Jim Hollingsworth won a second place for his 1940 180 Club Sedan.  Bernie and Ann Stebenne took a second for the 40 120 coupe. David and Jeanne McDonald received a second for the 1950 Club Coupe.  Mike Rigsby took a first place for his 1955 400.  Ben and Janice Carter took a second place for the freshly painted 1956 Super Clipper, which was still in the oven when he picked it up Friday morning.  John and Vivian Lortz won a second place with the red 1954 convertible. Soon to be new member, Gary Stevens won a second place with his 1946 highly modified taxi that had spent 30 years in a field before he rescued it.  The Baccaro family won a second place in the commercial class for our 1948 Super 8 lwb.  As a matter of personal pride, I have to mention that our trusty "Queen of the Fleet" performed flawlessly and averaged a little more than 14 miles per gallon.  I thought that was good because it has been a while since the last tune up and I did drive it at least 60 mph for most of the trip. The only thing that would make it better is radial tires that don't follow every crack in the road, but I have still not been convinced that they are safe for the older cars.    
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2011 Salado Report

salado baccaro
Tommy and Carol Baccaro's 1948 Deluxe Super Eight LWB Sedan      Second Place Class K

salado carter
Ben and Janice Carter's 1956 Super Clipper
Second Place Class I

salado jordan
Ron and Juanita Jordan's 1956 Caribbean Convertible

salado mcdonald
David and Jeanne McDonald's 1950 Club Sedan
Second Place Class E
salado lortz
John and Vivian Lortz's 1953 Convertible
Second Place Class S
salado hollingsworth
 Jim Hollingsworth's 1940 180 Club Sedan
First Place class B
salado stebenne
Ann and Bernie Stebenne's 1940 120 Club Sedan
Second Place Class C
salado stevens
Gary Stevens' 1946 Clipper Sedan Taxi
Second Place Class MP
salado rigsby
Mike and Carolyn Rigsby's 1955 Four Hundred
First Place Class H

One of the highlights of the weekend was the annual Friday "early bird tour" organized once again by Gordon Logan. This year we cruised the back roads between Salado and Georgetown.  In Georgetown they roped off spaces around the square and the local folks came out to view the Packards while members selected one of the fine eating establishments around the square and visited the many antique and other shops in the vicinity.  We had a total of 19 Packards and one Packard powered Studebaker on the trip. On the way back to the Stagecoach we visited a local winery and sampled just a little of the product but not enough to effect driving!  Gordon is the C.E.O. of Sport Clips and he arranged for a staff photographer to take a picture of all our cars as we arrived on the square.  At the awards meeting on Saturday night we were presented with an 8x10 photo suitable for framing.  Thanks Gordon!
The swap meet appeared to be the biggest ever----------at least in my memory.  There were some really nice things for sale but personally I had a bad day.   Last year we sold about  $150 worth of extra parts, which encouraged me to bring a bunch of stuff which I ended up hauling back home!  I sold a total of six dollars worth and bought fifteen dollars worth, therefore I'm guessing I sold all the good stuff last year!
Another highlight, at least for me, was the unexpected appearance of a 1940 180 Club Sedan!  This is a sister car to our 1940 that we call Franklin.  Only 176 of these cars were built and ours is number 176. When I saw this car pull in I went for it like a bee on honey and I was soon joined by Jim Hollingsworth who is the roster keeper for the 1940 Packards.  This was, until now, an undiscovered 160 Club Sedan and it lives in Bastrop.  Jim got all the important numbers down for his roster but the most important one for me was the build sequence and this black beauty was number 127 out of the 176. 
At the Sunday morning business meeting it was decided to hold the meet on 'Palm Sunday" weekend.  (most religious denominations are represented in the Salado area for those who would like to attend Sunday service)  That is not the most desirable date, but we have done it before, and it was the best available for next year.  There was a discussion about registration fees.  We will keep it at $20 for one more year but probably it will go up to at least $25 soon. There seems to be a desire to increase the number of prewar awards and our region was asked to work on a proposal to present to the other regions. Ben may ask some of you to help with that job.  
The Texas Packard Meet is a mecca for Packard lovers and if you have any interest in Packards you need to be there for the 35th anniversary in 2012!  It is the oldest and largest regional Packard meet in the country.  We had participants from California, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Louisana, etc. besides from all over Texas.  Thirty-four years ago we were happy to have 14 cars and approximately 40 participants.   It grew out of an exchange visit the Lone Star Packard Club had with the San Antonio Club, which at the time was a region of Packards International.  They would come to Houston and then the next year we would go to San Antonio.  At the time there was the North Texas Club, the P.I. Club in San Antonio, and our club.  I happened to be at an LSP board meeting one night when we discussed having all three clubs participate in a yearly activity.  John Belmar, a now deceased former director, picked up the phone and called Jim Hollingsworth in Dallas to see if they were game.  They were and that is how the Texas Packard Meet came into being.  Originally it was called the "All Texas Packard Meet" but as we got more and more people from out of state we decided to change it to the Texas Packard Meet.  Salado was originally selected because one of the Packard owners belonged to another club that used the Stagecoach Inn as their meeting place and  we followed their example.  Thirty-one of the meets have been held in Salado.  There was a time in the 80's when we decided to move it around.  One was held in Galveston, one in Brenham, and the one in San Antonio.  At the San Antonio state meet we decided we should go back to Salado because people would always know where we were meeting and the attendance numbers appear to prove we were correct.  This year we had approximately 100 master registrations.  It was also originally a strictly judged event but about 12 years ago we decided to make it more fun and just go with "people's choice" and that has been a big success.