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Hope you can make it.....

November 2008...Lone Star Packards Fall Tour.



Tentative Schedule

Friday, Nov 14
8:00 - 9:00 AM  Gather at Trokey's, Coffee and donuts available
9:00 AM                  Depart on Tour (rest stops and coffee break before lunch)
12:00 - 12:50 PM        Lunch Borden Country Store and Grill, Borden, TX
1:00 - 2:30 PM  Museum of Weimer (and Antique Mall, time permitting)
3:00 - 3:20 PM  Rest and restroom stop at La Grange historic jail
4:30 PM                  Arrive Comfort Inn, Bastrop, TX
6:00 PM                  Depart Comfort Inn to Nancy's Steak House
7:30 - ?? PM             Hospitality at Comfort Inn

Saturday, Nov 15
6:00 – 9:30 AM  Continental breakfast available in Lobby
9:30 AM                  Depart Comfort Inn to Auto Museum, Rosanky, TX
10:00 - 11:30 AM        Auto Museum, Rosanky, TX
12:00 – 1:00 PM         Lunch at Pockets in Smithville, TX
1:00 – 3:00 PM  Sightsee / Shop in old Smithville
3:00 PM                  Return Comfort Inn, Bastrop
6:10 PM                  Depart Comfort Inn to Dinner and Theater in Bastrop
??                        Time permitting, hospitality at Comfort Inn

Sunday, Nov 16
6:00 – 9:30 AM Continental breakfast available in Lobby
10:00 AM                 Depart Comfort Inn for return to Katy / Houston Area


Dec 14.....Christmas Lunch

Greetings Friends,

Here are the details for our Annual Lone Star Packard Christmas Lunch at the Brookwood Community Cafe in Brookshire on Sunday December 14.

TIME: 12:30-3 PM.

This will be Gail's and My 'Swan Song' as Activity Directors.  Accordingly, we are planning an event a little different from the past Christmas Brunches.  In years past, we enjoyed Champagne Brunches at commercial restaurants.
As many of you will recall, when I was Director of LSP, I coordinated a revision of LSP Bylaws.  One line item I fostered, was having at least one activity benefiting the community.  A couple of times we held monthly meets at Assisted Living facilities to enable the residents to enjoy and reminisce upon seeing our Packards.
The Brookwood Community is a facility on the southwest outskirts of Brookshire, just south of I-10 on FM 1489.  It is an educational and
residential facility, The Brookwood Community enhances the lives of adults living with challenges.
The Brookwood Community is amazingly self sufficient in supporting 111 resident adults and 20 day adults.
It receives NO government assistance and raises funds through its plant nursery, Cafe, and extensive gift shop, where all the concrete and ceramic items are made by the residents.

Spend a few moments perusing their web site...

Here's the deal.....we will have the back room (which seats 44) of the Cafe from 12:30 to about 3PM.   Everyone will order from a menu, so you can enjoy a simple Soup and Sandwich, or a fine filet.
The food is EXCELLENT and the presentation is EXCELLENT, the atmosphere is EXCELLENT and the prices are very reasonable, and, needless to say, the benefit is EXCELLENT.
You can find their menu at

We are certain that many of you will say to yourself ..."I wish I had known about this place sooner....."

...and do y'all remember Shudde Hat factory in downtown Houston???? well, they have relocated to the Brookwood Gift Shop....

.... so you will be able to buy that long desired western hat, or fedora, or whatever....or maybe have your favorite hat reblocked while you dine.

NOW FOR THE HARD PART.....we have been asked to give them a count by December 10.  We would appreciate if you would press the REPLY key and tell us and emphatic YES! so that you can be counted .  The first 44 who sign up will have assigned seats in the back room.  Others will be able to sit in the front room and enjoy meals from the same menu.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-10 West, exit 731, proceed south on FM 1489 approximately 3/4 mile to community Cafe and Gift Shop on right.

Keep Smiling,

Bob and Gail


.Bob and Gail
713-320-3860 Bob's cell

"Ask the Man who owns one"......Warren Packard
"Ask the Woman who LIVES with one"....Gail Hutzler




October 2008....Covey Trails Fly-In

Thanks to Bob and Gail for once again providing a wonderful activity for us in conjunction with the Covey Trails annual "Fly In". We had twenty-five members present and they brought seven Packards, one Avanti, and one Lincoln.  Bob and Gail brought the town car and the convertible, Bill and Sharon brought the '35 "gentleman's coupe' ", Dick brought his '35 one twenty, Gene brought the '49 convertible, the Wanderman's brought the '51 Patrician, and we brought our '55 Clipper.   In addition Ron and Juanita brought the new '63 Avanti fresh off e bay and Mike and Caroline brought the '47 Lincoln twelve. Robby brought a friend in a '56 Nash. After they towed their car home, Rich returned with his neighbor in one of the nicest Ford Model A's you will ever see! My sincere apologies if I forgot someone!

The long distance award goes to our trusty 55 that traveled 63 miles from League City to Covey Trails.  Unfortunately, Karen and Rich got the hard luck trophy as they threw a rod through the block on the way to the meet. Fortunately, Rich said he has an extra block but it is a lot of work getting that old engine out and the new one in once it comes back from the machine shop.
(Text by Tommy Baccaro)

These pictures are courtesy of Anthony Baccaro. Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.


September 2008.....Meeting Cancelled

August. 2008.....................

A big thanks goes out to Harold and Marisol Honsberg for hosting the August meeting at their beautiful home in Tomball.  We had thirty six members present and the special treat was to get to see the new 1933 Packard convertible they recently purchased from Tom Crook.  It is a great addition to the club and we look forward to seeing it at some meetings as well as Salado.  I can tell you already it will be a strong candidate for best in show!
Because of conflicting events in the Bastrop area, the fall tour has been moved to the weekend of November 14 - 16, 2008.  Please mark your calendar and make every effort to attend.  The city we will use for our base will be Bastrop.  I want to once again thank Rich and Karen, Doug and Maureen, and Ben and Janice for the preliminary work they have already done. We are looking forward to another great time.
Ben gave a report on a recent excursion he and Rich and Doug made to Arkansas to see some Packards owned by a Mr. Rook on a mountain top near Mena.  The star of the  collection was John Barrymore's '41 180 with a customized ramp and wheel chair turn table.  The car is for sale but needs a lot of work.
Mike Rigsby surprised Mike Calistrat with another "Snodgrass" award given by the national for an excellent regional publication.  THE OWNER'S MANUAL is in good hands!  Mike also gave a report on the national which will be held in Branson Missouri next summer and also informed us the national has hired someone to take over the PAC website as Marshall Katz has resigned.  It is unclear as to whether or not the want ads will return.  The club also authorized the director to send a note to Marshall thanking him for establishing the website and for maintaining it for many years.  It is one of the best if not the very best car club website on the net!
Tracy Hammack has been given the task of trying to re-establish a chapter of the CCCA in the Houston area.  He asked for a show of hands and approximately six said they were interested so he will move forward with his efforts.This new group will have some activities in the Houston area. 
The next meeting will be at the Calistrats on September 20, 2008.  Many of us have not seen the twelve that Mike and Caroline have been working on, including your director, so it will be a special treat.  Some of you saw the car when it first came to the Calistrats but it is now sporting a new paint job.
The October meeting will be the annual "fly in" at Covey trails, November will be the fall tour, and in December we will have Christmas lunch at the Brookwood Community near Brookshire.  
The Jordan's have another new car.  We now have another Studebaker Avanti in the club.  I sure appreciated Doug's when it came time to go on a hunt for a new battery for our '55 on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Bellville!
Happy Packarding, Tommy



July.....There was no meeting in July.


June 2008 informal luncheon

In order to NOT conflict with the PAC NATIONAL which is held in June, LSP has traditionally held an informal business meeting...but an opportunity to enjoy each other's company.

On June 22 we met at the Red River BBQ for lunch and then proceeded to the Baccaro's for desert.

Here's a few pics of the gathering....

The following were taken by Ben Carter...


the following were taken by Anthony Baccaro....


Karen Trokey won the 50-50.

May Meeting.....

Twenty-some members gathered at a restaurant for lunchon the North Side and later went to Roger and Janet Flinks house for the meeting and to see his new garage to get pointers for future constructions.

Anthony Baccaro has submitted the following pictures of the day. Click on a thumbnail to see the larger picture..

March Meeting......Salado........

The weekend started out with great weather as the CARavan left Bob and Gail's hangar. Starting out were Bob and Gail in their 1937 Super Eight Convertible Sedan, followed by David and Jeanne in their 1950 Club Coupe, and Mike and Caroline Calistrat and Ben and Janice in their non-Packard modern conveyances...

In Brookshire, Tommy, Carol and Anthony joined us in their trusty 1948 7 Passenger Sedan. Along the way, Larry and Lilly Myers joined us in their modern wheels.

We took the back roads to the Brenham Airport Restaurant for lunch.The folks there were very gracious and allowed us to park inside the fence in front of the restaurant, where the Wandermans and Duschamps were waiting for us.

After lunch the entourage continued on back roads to Salado, making a few extra turns per Bob and Gail's GPS Sally, arriving in the daylight...thanks to the new schedule of Daylight Saving Time....

Friday morning, the Driving Tour started at about 9am. I believe there were about 9 Packards doing a 125 mile drive through the countryside east of I-35. The tour stopped in Taylor to visit a Restoration Shop and then had lunch at a very popular BBQ place called Louis Mueller's.

We almost made it back to the Stagecoach Inn but the rain beat us to it. Fortunately we had RainX.

Friday night several of us drove the 22 miles to the Walburg German restaurant for great food and lots of yodeling.

Saturday was the big show day....It seems that this was the year of the Post-War Packard....

For lots of pictures of the Salado Packards, go to
(Dang...and I did not bring all my stainless to foist on owners!!!!)

Beverly had told me that some 58 had registered, a few dropped out, but a few came which were not registered, so I guess there was 50-some Packards....

The day was wonderful...lots of camaraderie..... and TALL-story telling.....

The awards meeting was held at about 8:30.... As usual, Bob Supina provided a bit of entertainment...appearing as "Elvis" complete with his guitar, looking for Bobbette.....

but he spied Caroline ...

and that was the 'end of the story!'


so what is he going to do NEXT year??????
Sunday morning, the CARavan left a bit early....skipping the business meeting. Rain showers plagued us most of the way.....

We stopped in Belleville to refuel and the Baccaro's '55 would not start.

Fortunately, Doug and Maureen were with us in their Avanti (our favorite "trouble truck"). Doug took Tommy in search of a new battery (which they found in Sealy).

Meanwhile, the rest of us put out our lawnchairs or sat on running boards and just relaxed under the Shell canopy.

Maureen Prayed for Tommy's car to start...

But in the meantime, Rich had to hold the umbrella while Tommy installed his new battery.

We then proceeded to the nearby hamburger joint (known for its sweet potato fries) for lunch. As soon as we came out... Noah's deluge started...

Bob and Gail had a puddle on the front floor of their Super Eight Convertible Sedan...(don't ALL convertibles leak??)

But, fortunately, everyone got home without any MAJOR problems.... plan on going to Salado next year....

the BEST Packard Meet of the year!!!!!!!!!!!









February Meeting.....

Robby Markman will be coordinating the February meeting. Details will be provided soon.

Bob and Gail





January Meeting....

On Sunday, January 20th approximately 45 members of the Lone Star Region met at Red River BBQ in League City and then traveled a mile or so to the Baccaro's home in the "Meadows". This was the largest turn out for a regular monthly meeting that anyone could remember!  In addition to regulars, we were pleased to meet the Hinds family from Port Arthur who rercently purchased a '37 Packard convertible as well as Ed Chapman from Pearland who is working on a '56 Clipper Constellation. Larry and Lily Meyers are back from summer in Colorado and they  made the trip from Bridge City to League City. 
The 50/50 drawing was won by Caroline Calistrat and she split the $102 pot with the club.  In addition, there were three other drawings for an excellent Packard history video and a sack of homegrown lemons from the Supina lemon orchard. During the business meeting, we agreed to go back to the Salado Mansion during the state Packard meet for dinner on Saturday night. The director will make the arrangements so when you register for Salado, do not sign up for the official dinner at the Stagecoach Inn unless you prefer going to that function - your choice.  Rich Trokey said we have forty plus members and as of now twenty eight have sent in renewals for '08.  Members are encouraged to get the twenty dollars in so we don't have to make so many revisions to the roster.  Be sure to make the check payable to Rich Trokey. Robby will be working on the February meeting and more info will be following. We also were told of a young man interested in renting a Packard for a wedding the first weekend in February.  If you are interested, contact Tommy for the info. The Jordan's volunteered to investigate club shirts and vests to be worn at club functions.  Mike Calistrate again gave a testimony about the quality of work from the Superior Chrome company and then we watched  the video on Packard history.  It was an excellent video and Bob took orders for additional copies.
Following the meeting we sat around and visited, told stories, and kicked tires until the late afternoon. It was a great meeting and we thank Bob and Gail for all the leg work on it and Carol Baccaro for all the goodies  - the banana pudding and the pumpkin/pecan cake were super - ask the man who ate some!
Happy Packarding, Tommy   


December Christmas Brunch....

On Sunday, December 16th the LSP region celebrated the annual Christmas party.  This year it was held at the Crown Plaza hotel near the intersection of I-10 and SHW 6.  Following the luncheon, we motored to nearby Katy where  Karen and Rich Trokey were gracious host to our business meeting and more fun and camaraderie.  We had approximately 40 members and guest in attendance and six of our favorite Packards also made the meet.  Bob and Gail won the 50/50 drawing and he will use the money to buy a more modest hood ornament for his town car, not!
At the business meeting, we approved the additional donation to the Packard Proving Grounds which means there will be a suitable sign placed on one of the doors of the garage in honor of the Lone Star Region. A discussion was held regarding the dinner location during the Salado meet.  A decision will be made at the January meeting.
Thanks again to Bob and Gail for a really great Christmas buffet and also to the Trokey's for opening their beautiful home to us following lunch. 
Very little chance of overheating so crank up those Packards and get them on the road!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!



November 9-11 Annual Fall Tour

This account submitted by Director Tommy Baccaro .

Make a note in your diary for November 9-11, 2007 as this was the date you either enjoyed or missed the best fall tour ever! Every year it gets bigger and better!  This year we had almost 40 participants and more cars than ever.  The LSP caravan included the following cars - Bob and Gail's '37 convertible, Karen and Rich's '38 six coupe, Larry and Lilly's '40 110 coupe, our '48 super 8 lwb, the Wanderman's brought their new '51 Patrician on their first fall tour, Ron and Juanita brought both of their '56 seniors, and our good friends Doug and Maureen brought the very classy '63 Avanti. In addition, the Mc Donald's '50 Club sedan made part of the tour and Mary and Jay Matthews joined us in the Velie!  The Calistrat's, Trimmier's, Gene Oeding and Ruth Cook, Martha and Bobby Duschamp, Janice and Ben Carter and Dale and Janice Musgrove all brought up the rear in the modern chase cars. New members Janice and Ben Carter turned their pick up into the chuck wagon by hauling all the drinks etc. for us to enjoy.
Bob and Gail were this year's tourmaster's and  they treated us to not only some unbelievable scenic drives in the Chappell Hill, Fayetteville, La Grange, and Brenham area but we got to visit some great sites along the way.  We got going Friday morning from Bob and Gail's hanger and took a leisurely drive along the back roads to Chappell Hill where we enjoyed the various specials at the Bever's Kitchen.  Before leaving Chappell Hill, we visited the oldest continuous operating bank in the United States.  It did not even close during FDR's three day bank holiday during the  depression! When the tour resumed, we headed for the monastery outside  Brenham where the nun's raise the miniature horses.  This was a relaxing stop where we enjoyed petting the horses, hearing the history of the monastery which was established by Cuban refugees after Fidel's soldiers confiscated their monastery, playing with the nun's dog which insisted that everyone play fetch with her, and getting to relax in the simple yet elegant chapel.  From the monastery, we proceeded to the Best Western in Brenham where we checked in, set up the hospitality room, and got ready for dinner.  That evening we motored to Ernie's on the square where we enjoyed an outstanding menu in an elegant atmosphere.  Following dinner, the Packard clan gathered in the hospitality room to not only visit and enjoy the treats but we watched a DVD on the Packard proving grounds and another on Salado 2007. 
On Saturday morning we pulled out at 10 AM  using scenic back roads on the way to Welcome, Texas to visit a genuine civil war era general store.  What a surprise, at Welcome we were greeted by almost 200 trail riders with horses and wagons who were on an annual Veteran's Day weekend ride.  They enjoyed looking at the Packards while we enjoyed visiting with their horses. (Bob and Gail swore they had arranged this surprise interaction?) When we left Welcome we motored  towards Fayetteville through more great scenic back roads and upon arrival we parked the cars for display on the square adjacent to the crafts show and we enjoyed a great lunch at Keiler's Restaurant.  Before pulling out, there was ample time to visit the antique shops in town.  From Fayetteville we rolled towards La Grange where we visited the Jersey Barn Dairy.  This is a family dairy that is located on an 800 acre family farm that has been in the Frerichs family for over 100 years. Here we enjoyed a hayride, got to see the milking (Lily, Bob, and Rich actually milked a cow) visited "Bell" the very gentle cow in the Bluebell commercials, and observed all of the other farm animals and birds in the barn.  By now we were getting tired and it was time to return to the hotel to get ready for the evening activity.  At 8 PM, we were seated in the very comfortable and elegant Unity Theater just down the street from the Ant Street Inn where we enjoyed a presentation of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest". Back at the hotel we utilized the hospitality room again until it was closed at midnight. 
Sunday morning we pulled out at 10 Am and pointed the Pelicans and Cormorants towards  Bellville where Mary and Jay Matthews hosted the business meeting and the seminar session in their beautiful country home.  The girls visited and talked in the house following the meeting while the guys AND GAIL attended the seminar in the shop conducted by our tech director Dale Musgrove.  Dale gave a great presentation on tracing shorts and other electrical problems and Mike also shared some stories regarding chrome shops. We then caravanned to Newman's Bakery for lunch in downtown Bellville.  This was our last official function and we all said our goodbyes and headed for our respective homes.
When we pulled into our driveway in League City, our trusty Super 8 had logged 360 miles round trip at an average of almost 17 mpg. It was a fun filled  weekend where we got to spend quality time with good friends who share many of our same likes and experiences etc and to bond with new members who we hope had as much fun as the rest of us. This is truly our "Packard family"! We have belonged to numerous old car clubs over the years but I don't think any comes near providing the  fellowship, and family friendly activities provided by the Lone Star Region of Packard Automobile Classics.
Planning for the 2008 fall tour should start in earnest right after Salado in March. It has been done in the past by a committee, an individual tour master, a particular family, and by the activity director himself.  Please consider the 2008 fall tour!
Thanks again to Bob and Gail for really raising the bar on fall tour weekend!

Look forward to seeing all of you at the Christmas party! Happy Packarding, Tommy   


Here are some pics taken by Mike Calistrat:

Here are a couple pics sent in by Doug Carlson....

The following pictures were taken by Anthony and Carol Baccaro...


Here are some

October 20 Meet..... Covey Trails Fly-In/BBQ

Just as we had scheduled...the day was PERFECT....Blue Sky.....gentle breezes.....mild temperatures......
We had 35 from LSP attend, with the following lineup of cars:

Thanks to Anthony Baccaro and Dale Wilpers for the pics they supplied.

Bob and Gail had the LeBaron and Dietrich on display

Ben and Janice arrived in their '47 7-pass sedan

The Baccaros arrived in their '48 7-pass sedan

Dale and Janice arrived in their '53 hearse

John Lortz came in his '54 sedan


Mike and Caroline arrived with neighbors in Andy Calistrat's Lincoln Mark

Roger and Janet Flink arrived in their Porsche 356 convertible.

A special thanks goes to each of them for making the extra effort in turning the day into a big success.

In the afternoon , several neighbors put on a bit of an air show for all attending, but, by far, the plane to steal the show was the British Spitfire, Mark IX that made several passes. Unfortunately, the sad part of it is that it was the LAST flight for the Spitfire at Covey Trails. It has been sold to an individual in Indianapolis.

Anthony Baccaro took the following pictures. Many thanks, Anthony, for such great pics.



September 2007

Another great meet was held on Sept 16. It started with lunch at Mamacitas on I-45. Twenty eight attended for a variety of mexican dishes. Unfortunately, the staff were unable to hook up Bob and Gail's laptop to the large monitor, so the slide presentation had to be viewed on the laptop. It was a variety of pictures that Bob had collected over the years...some of previous meets...back to the 70s and some of more recent Salado meets, plus some miscellaneous Packard pictures..


At about 3:20, some of us gathered outside to ogle the 'new' Packard that Ron and Juanita brought. Actually, there were three Packards in attendance...John and Vivian Lortz came in their black beauty and Ron and Juanita brought BOTH their 56s.

Some of the group then drove about 3 blocks to the National Museum of Funeral History to see the 1938 120 Flower Car and the 1916 All-Purpose funeral car, which was designed to carry the casket, flowers and about 12 attendees. There were about 20 hearses, some from foreign countries, and several amusing wood caskets from other parts of the world. A display at the entrance indicates that next year they will have 5000 sq ft display of Funerals of the Popes.

August 19, 2007

A big thanks goes out to Caroline and Mike for hosting the August monthly meeting.  Bob and Gail arranged for us to have lunch at the Baytown Seafood House in Missouri City and then we drove to the Calistrat's home nearby.  For the third month in a row, we had over 30 members present. At the Calistrat's we conducted  our meeting and we were proud to see that Mike received a Snodgrass award from the national for our outstanding newsletter.  This continues a tradition started by Mike Rigsby the previous editor.  Dale also presented Mike C with a Packard serviceman's certificate for getting his 12 cylinder running.  Speaking of, that engine purred like a kitten, a lion kitten that is! We are all anxious to see the engine and body reunited. 
Dale and Bob both gave excellent tech tips on pre-war and post-war Packards. The membership report shows we have 43 member families and we have some prospect letters out. We have over $1400 in the till and all bills are paid.  Mike Rigsby gave a report on the recent national and announced the next meet will be in Iowa and the following year it will be in Branson. Janice won the 50/50, again!
 This year our fall tour will return to the Brenham area and it will be in November.  More details will follow from Bob and Gail. See you next month.
Happy Packarding, Tommy


July 15, 2007

In spite of a couple of downpours, we had a great meeting. I want to thank Rick and Marlene Sharpe for coming out in their beautiful 1955 Four Hundred 2-door Hardtop. (It was the ONLY Packard that showed up!...Unfortunately!)

Packard 1955 400Initiall

Thanks to Bob and Gail for a great meeting today.  We had 32 members at the Dinner Bell and then we went to see the famous "Orange Show" nearby.  This was a great turn out  and it marked our return to the traditional Sunday afternoon meetings after two months of Saturday meetings.  The Dinner Bell is probably the oldest cafeteria in town and I often ate there as a teenager with my grandparents. It is famous for chicken and dumplings and all the Baccaro's had big bowls of it today!
During the meeting, Bob reviewed several technical articles from his extensive library and I reviewed an article on the 359 engines of 1954.  We also welcomed new members, Ben and Janice Carter.  They have a '47 Henney long wheel base sedan with the padded roof. Ron Jordan has also acquired a '56 Patrician sedan which is in the paint shop and also a '64 Studebaker Lark convertible.(if Studebakers were good enough for the Muppets I guess they cannot be all bad) Rick and Marlene drove their very sporty yet elegant '55 400. Bob and Gail won the $35 50/50 pot.
I don't know what to say about the Orange Show except you have to see it to believe it!  This same group has something to do with the "Beer Can House" as well as the "Art Car Parade".  It was worth seeing just to be able to tell people you know what it is.
See you next month.  Until then, Happy Packarding! Tommy  


June 2, 2007

This was a combined May/June meeting, due to extenuating circumstances.

Thanks to Tommy Baccaro for the following writeup and pics:

A big thanks to Bob and Gail for again organizing a successful meeting.  We had a nice turn out at one of our infrequent Saturday meetings and all had a good time.  A big thanks also goes to my better half Carol for the sweets after the lunch at Red River.  We truly enjoyed seeing everyone and we do understand how busy the Gulf Freeway can be even on the weekend. 
A special treat was getting to see Ron and Juanita's new '56 400 make at it's first Lone Star meeting. 
Prior to the meeting, we made a special presentation to Dale of a genuine Packard Master Service Man's Certificate for all the help he has given each of us in restoring or fixing our Packards. A big thanks goes out to Mike Grimes for finding the certificate and preparing it for presentation to Dale.
As a program we had a presentation by Bob on proper lubricants for our cars and one by Mike C. on how to polish stainless and chrome.
We look forward to seeing all of you next month.  Happy Packarding, Tommy
PS, Carol sends a big thank you to the ladies who helped in the kitchen!  

April 14, 2007

A big thanks goes to Robby Markman and Hal Nauman for a great meeting today despite the really cold and windy weather. This was actually an Orphan Car meeting and we had a large turn out of Kaiser and Studebaker enthusiast.  Unfortunately, except for the cars that belong to Hal, the weather kept the numbers of cars down.  Harold brought his sharp and original 66 Caddy and there was one Studebaker.  Lone Star was well represented by the Musgroves, Meyers, Barry Hackney, Mary Ann Cramer, Dick Bautch, RIch Trokey, new members Steve Wanderman and Bobby Duschamp, Harold Honsberg and the Baccaro's.   

March 2007
LSP did not have a regular meeting because the Salado Packard Meet was the highlight of the month.

Here is a collection of pics that Carol and Anthony Baccaro took at Salado. Click on the thumbnail to see it full size. Enjoy!

February 18, 2007

The February Meeting was held at the new 59 Diner on I-10 .

Tommy writes:

Congratulations to Bob and Gail for putting on a great meeting this afternoon.  We had 23 members present and three Packards and one red and black Lincoln 12.  It was nice to see Dick have his 35 on the road not to mention Bill and Sharon's black beauty. Our 55 logged 130 miles round trip and it purred like a kitten. Bob did a video featuring Packards in the movies.  They were really funny and Mike R. suggested he put on one of the sessions at Salado with these and other clips.  We all thought it was a good idea.


If you are planning to attend the dinner at the Salado Mansion during the Texas Packard meet and you did not tell me today, please send me a note. See you all in Salado if not before.  Happy Packarding, Tommy 


Here are some pics...thanks to Anthony Baccaro and Bill Kendall for their great shots. Click on a pic to see it enlarged.....


59 Diner

1935 Packard Super Eight coupe1935 Packard 120 Sedan1955 Packard Clipper

This picture was on the wall in the diner..



Jan 19, 2007.....Houston Ship Channel tour and Dinner at Original Ninfa's on Navigation.

Tommy writes:

A big thank you is due Bob and Gail for arranging a great outing yesterday for the Lone Star Region.  Twenty seven members enjoyed a very educational and fun trip down the Houston ship channel on the excursion boat Sam Houston.  Did you know that the port of Houston is the number one port in the USA in foreign trade, the second nation wide in over all tonnage, and the fifth largest in the world?  After the cruise, we traveled to the nearby original Ninfa's Mexican restaurant on Navigation street. This was a trip down memory lane for me because the restaurant is located very near where my grandparents lived off Harrisburg and Milby and we passed right by the location at 5515 Clinton Dr where my father and grandfather operated their cast stone business known as Texas Staff and Stone. 
At the meeting, we sang happy birthday to Karen Trokey and Juanita Jordan as well as happy anniversary to Vivian and John Lortz.  We also voted to once again have dinner at the Salado Mansion on Saturday night (March 31) instead of the dinner at the Stagecoach Inn.  Once again, this is not mandatory and anyone who would rather eat at the Inn should feel free to do so. I will be doing a head count a little closer to the date so I can notify the restaurant.  As before, if the weather is nice enough they will seat us on the patio.  If not, we will be in the large room downstairs.  Everyone will order from the menu and pay his own check.  Gratuity may be included. 
It was a special treat to welcome Juanita and Ron Jordan back into the club.  Ron was the director of Lone Star back in the 70's when our family joined the club. They have been without a Packard for many years but recently purchased a beautiful '56 400 and they are looking forward to being with us in the future. Juanita is a retired teacher from Humble ISD who still substitutes and Ron is the former owner and operator of the Quality Inn on Jetero Blvd.  He currently teaches at the U of H in the hotel and restaurant management program.  In addition they  and their sons own a machine shop in Pearland.  They live in Kingwood. 
Because of the noise factor at the restautrant, it was difficult to conduct our regular agenda so if anyone needs to have something brought up that we did not have a chance to cover, please let me know.  Look forward to seeing you next month if not before.  Happy Packarding, Tommy

Here are some pics that Anthony took on the boat::

Here are pics that Anthony took in Ninfa's

"Don't bother me...I'm eating!"


Dec 10.....Christmas Brunch was at the Villa Capri in Seabrook.  We had a great crowd of 39 and then 34 went to the Baccaro's new home in League City for a variety of tasty desserts, punch and coffee.
Tommy proudly showed off his spacious garage and second floor storage space.

Many thanks to Bill Kendall for the following pics:

Nov 19 at 1PM- Mike and Caroline Calistrat hosted the meeting at their home.
Many thanks to Mike and Caroline Calistrat for hosting our November meeting at their nice home in Missouri City.  We were treated to seeing the progress which Mike has made on the restoration of his 1939 Packard V-12 limousine, as well as a tour of the home theater upstairs. 

A delicious lunch was enjoyed by all, and was followed by a great meeting.

Our newest club members, Timothy and Alicia Davis joined us, too!  They own a 1955 Packard 400.  We look forward to having them join us for many more functions.

Rich Trokey gave us the treasurer's report, Mike Calistrat asked members to please send him contributions for future editions of The Owner's Manual newsletter.  Dale explained he has appointed a nominating committee so an election can be held soon for our 2007/2008 slate of club directors and officers.
(writeup by Robby Markman)

Aug 19- The Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Twelve brave LSP members braved Saturday's rain and subsequent "steam bath" to visit the Saint Arnold Brewery in the warehouse district in Northwest Houston.

There were well over 100 people that showed up to see the brewery.  The brewery owner, Brock Wagner, a graduate of Rice University, and former Wall Street executive, gave us a thirty minute talk regarding the history of beer and his brewery.  Following his talk, we were led to an area containing a giant bar, and a lot of tables, where we were permitted to sample the various Saint Arnold's products, with music playing in the background.  Saint Arnold's also makes Root Beer, and it is delicious!

We then had lunch at a nearby barbecue establishment, followed by an enjoyable meeting, where updates were given on the Fall tour and remaining activities for the year.  Mike Calistrat also gave us an update on the 1939 Packard V-12 limousine he is restoring.

June 17 -

Meeting was held at Harold and Marisol Honsberg's home in Tomball. The rain did not dampen the spirits of the Lone Star Packard members and a good time was had by all. Harold had on display his magnificent collection of cars, and indicated that he is still looking for his 'Perfect' Packard.

May - Tom and Evelyn Timmins Ranch outside Friendswood.

Apr - Annual Texas Packard Meet - Salado, TX...March 30-April 2

March 12, 2006

Many thanks to Roger and Janet Flink for hosting a terrific meeting at their beautiful home.

The food was excellent, and we were treated to a tour of a fine Packard and Porsche collection.

We also enjoyed viewing Roger's well done presentation on the Packards, and other luxury cars recently run through the block at the RM and Barrett-Jackson auctions in Arizona.

Thanks to Anthony Baccaro for the following pictures.

February 25, 2006

A visit to the Fasnacht collection, hosted by Jim and Evelyn Fasnacht.

Robby Markman, our Activities Director, sums up our monthly meeting:

Despite a little wet weather, a number of LSP members were in for a real treat Saturday afternoon, at the Fasnacht car collection in West Houston.

It all started by driving through a gateway featuring an electric gate, then up a 700 foot long driveway, which lead to nicely landscaped grounds, complete with a swimming pool and impressive waterfall, a nice detached garage, and then a large, two story house designed and built by our hosts as a 'gallery' for their beautiful show cars.

We removed our shoes upon entering the house, so as to help maintain the excellent condition of the wood floors throughout both stories of the house.  There was a fire going in the entry room fireplace, and a large screen television built into the wall about it! 

Our gracious hosts served us drinks as soon as we arrived, which was followed by a personal tour led by Jim, of their amazing cars, many of which had a fascinating history behind them.  The collection, parked in two rooms containing uniquely styled garage doors, ranged from classic era 1930s American luxury makes (Cord, Packard) to sport cars from Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Corvette and Thunderbird, to muscle cars of the 60s (Shelby Mustang, American Motors Javelin, Hemi Cuda).

Next, Jim led us to his 'shop' which was extremely well equipped with tools and devices to restore AMX and Cutlass 4-4-2 were in there, being worked on.

After thanking Jim and Evelyn for the tour and hospitality, most of us headed to nearby Rudi Lechner's Restaurant, where we had a nice lunch in a private room, where we also conducted a meeting.  Several car collector guests joined us for the tour and lunch as well.

* * * * * * * * *

January 13, 2006

a smashing(not literally) event at Bob Supina and Gail Hutzler's hangar. The weather was perfect and there was a great turnout of cars....not just Packards, but Tom and Evelyn Timmins graciously brought their 1914 Metz since their Twin-Six is undergoing total restoration. Also, a neighbors came in their 1922 Maxwell racer.

John and Vivian Lortz

Even though our club does not need entertainment, Bob and Gail's neighbors put on a breath-taking airshow with their newly restored British Spitfire and Christin Eagle, which did stomach churning rolls and hammer-heads. Later the pilot stopped by to chat with everyone and explain the nuances of his plane and the maneuvers.

Christin EagleSpitfire MKIXSpitfire

December...Christmas Luncheon

December 11 had a forcast for showers, so everyone drove modern iron to the Holiday Inn Express for the annual Christmas Brunch. We had a very good turnout of 27 . After everyone had dined to their extent, we caravaned to Rich and Karen Trokey's home for additional desserts and a meeting. The main topic of the meeting was the presentation of a certificate to Mike Rigsby for his years of service as Editor of The Owner's Manual.

Mike Calistrat has agreed to take up the pen and serve as the Editor. Thanks, Mike, we all appreciate that.

In spite of the chilling temperatures, many hung out in the garage and 'kicked tires'.

Here are a few pics taken by Anthony Baccaro.

(click on the pic for a larger view)

The Gulf Coast Region of the AACA held its Christmas Party near the San Jacinto Monument. Tommy, Carol and Anthony and Mike and Caroline Calistrat attended (since they are members of the region.) Anthony took a really great picture on the way.

November.....Potato Patch Restaurant

It was a bright, crisp day and 30 members congregated at the Potato Patch Restaurant up on FM 1960 for lunch.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast was for showers, so the only Packard that dared to venture out was the sleek black '54 sedan of John and Vivian Lortz. Barry and Pamela Hackney also arrived in a baby blue Studebaker.

During lunch, the owner came around and told us that next time , if we bring Packards, he will reserve an appropriate number of parking spaces in Gang, lets get those Packards on the road!!!

After everyone was sated, Dale Musgrove held a brief meeting, welcoming the new members, Roger and Janet Flick, who brought pictures of their newly acquired 1927 Packard Eight Opera Coupe.

After lunch many of us journeyed West to the home of Jackie and George Bruns for liquid refreshments and many mouth-watering desserts....and, of course, lots of great comraderie.

Below are some pictures taken by Bill Kendall...ENJOY

Dale Musgrove, Anthony Baccaro, Tommy BaccaroRich Trokey, Bob Supina and Roger FlickMary Anne CramerJackie Bruns & Gail HutzlerCarol Baccaro, Karen Trokey and Caroline Calistrat

Robby MarkmanTommy Baccaro, Carol Baccaro, Mary Anne Cramer, and Larry MyersMike Calistrat and Roger FlickCaroline Calistrat

Bob Supina and Roger FllickRoger and Janet Flick, Mike Calistrat, and Bob SupinaCarol Baccaro and Mary Anne CramerKitchen chatter

Bob Supina, Gail Hutzler, Larry  Myers, Lily Myers, Rich Troley, and Dale MusgroveLily MyersBob Supina & Gail Hutzler


October...Fall Tour in Galveston.

This year's Fall Tour was organized by Tommy, Carol, and Anthony Baccaro. They did a super job of scheduling activities and places to eat.

First off, I want to give a SPECIAL THANKS to all those who were able to bring a Packard on the Tour. In the history of our Fall Tour, this was the largest lineup of those fabulous cars, so special Kudos go to the following:

Tommy, Carol, Anthony Baccaro.......1955 Custom Clipper

Mike and Caroline Calistrat...............1958 Supercharged Hawk

John and Vivian Lortz.......................1954 Patrician

David and Jeanne McDonald..............1950 Club Sedan

Dale and Janice Musgrove.................1954 Four Hundred Sedan

Larry and Lilly Myers........................1941 110 Business Coupe

Gene Oedina and Ruth Cook..............1949 Super Eight Convertible Victoria

Rick and Marlene Sharpe..................1939 Super Eight Convertible Sedan

Bob Supina & Gail Hutzler.................1937 Super Eight Convertible Sedan

We really appreciate the EXTRA effort you provided to make this Tour a success.

* * *

The Tour started Friday at noon. Everyone gathered at the Greyhound Race Track in LaMarque. We had choice seats at tables near the finish line. After some basic hints on betting, all those with a penchant for excitement chose their favorite canines and waited. Of the 11 races, Bob Supina and Gail Hutzler had winners in 6 races, coming away from the track $10.90 to the good!

Everyone eating and waiting for the races to start

Everyone checked into the new LaQuinta on the Sea wall

Larry and Lilly Myers' 1940 Packard 110 Business CoupePackards in the garage

and then drove their Packards (and assorted wannabees) to the Tortuga restaurant.

Bob Supina, Gail Hutzler, Karen and Rich Trokey

John and Vivian Lortz,David andJeanne McDonald, Gene Oeding and friend Ruth, Walter Trimmier, Lilly and Larry Myers

Saturday morning Rich and Marlene Sharpe arrived in their 'new' 1939 Super Eight convertible sedan and we caravaned to the nearby Lone Star Flight Museum. After some picture taking of the 8 Packards (this was the MOST Packards EVER on a Fall Tour), Rich gave a great tour of the aircraft, describing every one in detail, especially his Skyraider.

In the afternoon, after having lunch at Landry's Oyster Bar on the Wharf, we all took a boat tour of the harbor, and delighted at seeing the dolphins play nearby. .

In the evening, we all went into 'Downtown Galveston' to the Oktoberfest Celebration at the Lutheran Church

At night, several of us played 'chicken-foot' dominos in the hospitality room.

Rick and Marlene Sharpe's 1939 Packard Super eight Convertible SedanBob Supina's 1937 Packard Super Eight Convertible Sedan

Top pic..Tommy Baccaro,Karen Trokey, Gail Hutzler and Bob Supina

Sunday morning it was sunny but breezy . The tram met us at the hotel and everyone got on for a great driving tour of the city. We got to see parts of the city that we were not aware of, and also learned much of the history of Galveston. Unfortunately, Bob Supina had a flat on his suburban in the hotel parking lot, but Rich Trokey, Mike Calistrat, and Tommy Baccaro pitched in and got Bob rolling again.

Galvestram Lunch at THE SPOT after the tour

July Meeting was held at Bob Supina's hangar. He had scheduled a few neighbors to put on a mini-air-show, but rain grounded all the planes. However, several people went across the street to see the newly restored Spitfire.

All photos above taken by Anthony Baccaro.

September 18, 2005 Tour the O'Quinn Collection.

Bob and Gail had arranged to have the Club tour the John O'Quinn Automobile Collection. At the time he had only about 450 of his 600 plus cars on site. Since the building is going thru extensive renovation, we were lucky to get a date to see the beautiful Packards and other great cars.

After the tour, we went to a restaurant for more comraderie. Here are some pics that Anthony Baccaro took...enjoy!


August, Optional...Casttheatrical melodrama in Rosemberg. A large contingent of club members went to the Community Theater in Rosenberg to see Bob Supina strut his stuff in the Melodrama, 'Downfall of a Trustingheart'. Bob played the 1903 old West Banker, Phineas Kashpockets (in the style of W.C.Fields.). Everyone enjoyed throwing popcorn at Bob and the villians of the play.

Bob Supina Phineas Kashpockets

August 2005...Monthly meeting at Mike and Caroline's house.This was the first time that Mike and Caroline hosted a meeting and they did a superb job. Mike took the men on a tour of his garage and shop and then invited those inclined, to go upstairs to his 'Theater Room' where he actually has 2 rows of 4 old theater seats.


July 2005....Monthly meeting was at Bob Supina's house on Sunday Morning. It was scheduled early because the highlight was to have been a demonstration flight of his neighbor's newly restored British Spitfire. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and the flight had to be canceled.

July 4 2005..... Tom and Evelyn Timmins invited everyone to their place for a July 3th Celebration. Here are the pics that Anthony Baccaro took.

Salado 2005.


Here are a few pics that Anthony took at Salado. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger pic.

Waiting for the awards to beginBob Supina telling the story of his Swiss Hat1950 Packard convertibleRoyce Kidd's 1949 Packard Deluxe Club Sedan1947 Packard Custom Super clipper, 1940 Packard 180 convertible coupePrototype New PackardThey love meetings

All photos above taken by Anthony Baccaro.

Feb 27,2005....Meeting at the Red Robin restaurant off Beltway 8. Again we had a great turnout. Here's a few pics of the afternoon. After lunch Director, Dale Musgrove, held a meeting outside where it was quieter.

Gathering outside for some QUIETBob Supina, David McDonald, Walter Trimmier, Jeffrey Markman

Jeanne McDonald, Gail Hutzler, Mike CalistratRobby Markman and others

Jan 23, 2005....Meeting at Rich and Karen Trokeys house.. This  was the largest attendance ever....42 people.  Rich gave us a tour of his garage, and Karen put on a great table. Following lunch, Bob Supina handed over the office of Director to Dale Musgrove...complete with a crown!


Click a pic to enlarge it.

King DaleMeeting time.  Walter and Pat Trimmier and Paul WilliamsBob Supina and Robby MarkmanGail Hutzler and Mike Rigsbymore meeting picsListening intentlyThey love meetingsPackards at TrokeysKitchen chatter

All photos above taken by Anthony Baccaro.

May 18, 2003...Bill and Sharon Kendall's party images:

Click a pic to enlarge it.

Brun's 1940 Super Eight Club SedanBaccaro's 1955 Custom ClipperKendall's 1953 Clipper DeluxeCarol and CamilleBob talking to TrimmiersMary Anne CramerKendall's PatioLortz's 1954 PatricianMcDonald's 1950

February 28 to Mar 1, 2003....This was the Brenham Swap Meet and it took the place of a regular meeting in March. Our club has space at the meet so several members brought spare parts for sale. Bob Supina brought his Airstream Trailer to use as a Hospitality Suite. fortunately, this year the weather was much better than last. We are very pleased at the number of members who showed up at the event.

February 22, 2003....On Saturday, February 22 we met with the ORPHAN CAR CLUB in the parking lot of the Valley Ranch BBQ restaurant on the corner of HWY 249 and Spring Cypress in Tomball at 9:30 am. From this corner we caravaned the short distance (approx. 5 miles) to Hal Nauman's Kaiser/Frazer shop and storage facility. After touring the shop and facilities and enjoying the Nauman's collection of K/F and Hudson cars, we caravaned to Goodson's restaurant in downtown Tomball. "country cooking at its best!"

On Valentine weekend, several of our members attended the second annual "Sweethearts and Orphans meet in Granbury. There were 65 cars there this year. Those who went, had a great time. Plan on it for next year!

January 12, 2003....Meeting was at Mary Anne Cramer's house. This was the annual meeting when officers are voted in for the next two years. The new slate of officers is listed on the Regional Officers web page. Mary Anne, together with DJ and Camille, put on a great Mexican spread. Another great turnout of members. Keep the ball rolling, folks!

Christmas Brunch at the Adams Mark Hotel We had a great turnout of about 30 people. The food was delightful and everyone had difficulty deciding whether to have omlettes or roast beef. After the main course we were invited to the Rich and Karen Trokey's home for additional dessert and the usual Packard chatter.

November 10.... Meet at the Cowboy Ranch restaurant in Pasadena. Details and images to be added later...but we had a SUPER turnout of 24 folks and 7 Packards.

October 25-27.....Annual Fall Tour in the Richmond-Rosenberg area.
(Text by Tommy Baccaro and photos by Karen Trokey)

Tourmaster D.J. Cramer and able assistant Camille treated us to a weekend of outstanding fellowship on this year's"Old Harry Boy Run". Despite Mother Nature witholding her blessing, sixteen of the faithful met at the railroad museum 2002 Awardsin Rosenberg to begin the tour at noon on Friday.

After enjoying a great catered BBQ lunch upstairs at the museum, we enjoyed a video on railroads in Rosenberg and the impact they had on Fort Bend County. 2002 AwardsSix railroads once converged at Rosenberg, and towns up and down the line were named for officers of the company, i.e. Waller, Rosenberg, and Sealy to name a few. 2002 Awardsin Rosenberg to begin the tour at noon on Friday.

Former teacher and long-time businessman, Travis Reese, is the driving force behind the railroad museum. (In 1955 Mr. Reese received an award from President Eisenhower recognizing him as the nation's Outstanding High School Agriculture Teacher.) Since his retirement from education, he has built a successful real estate and insurance business in historic downtown Rosenberg. In addition to his museum efforts, he restored, with help from his daughter, Donna, the old downtown bank building.

Following the depot tour, Mr. Reese and Donna showed us around the restored bank building. Highlights of that tour included the restored art deco lobby, the bault, and the emergency ventilation system and the conference room. 2002 AwardsThe conference room doubled as a display area for Mr. Reese's various collectibles and his dozens of mounted animals from his family get-away and business conference center across the river.

Mr. Reese then led a caravan across the river to the site of the historic Stagecoach Crossing of the Brazos River. On this very site, settlers would ride the stage to the ferry where they would cross the river and then board the train for Houston and points east and north. 2002 AwardsMr. Reese purchased the land and built a beautiful log cabin which was skillfully decorated in Texana by Donna. On the grounds dozens of specimens representing all types of Texas wildlife roam unfettered for everyone's viewing pleasure. Mr. Reese uses "Stagecoach Crossing" as a family getaway and business conference center.

Among the goodines in our tour bag were tickets for old-fashioned root beer floats at a restored durgstore fountain across from the depot. Most of us redeemed those coupons Friday afternoon following the Stagecoach Crossing visit. The floats were wonderful.

Friday evening found us back in the historic district at Martha's Cupboard Dinner Theater. 2002 AwardsWe dined in an elaborate dining area of the antique store on roast pork, squash casserole, salad, and dessert. The sixty-seat theater is located n the second floor where we howled with laughter as we watched the British comedy, "Site Unseen". The actors were great!

Saturday morning found us at the George Ranch. After an informative video, we were treated to a guided tour of the Three Tyan/George residences on the ranch. Then, lunch was prepared for us by a genuine cowboy cook over a blazing cook fire. The menu consisted of cowboy stew, ranch-hand beans, and peach cobbler.

Saturday afternoon the ladies enjoyed the huge craft show at the county fair grounds while the guys looked over Hershey auction results and pictures brought home by the Baccaros from Hershey.

That evening we traveled to Karl's Riverbend Restaurant. This is one of the most eloquent restaurants in the area. Chef Karl prepared mouth watering entrees of steak, salmon, and chicken. following the epicurean delights, dessert consisted of Black Forest cake in honor Anthony Baccaro's birthday.

Next year the Fall Tour will be centered around the Bastrop area. Keep October 2003 open and watch for the exact dates so you can be part of this fun-filled weekend.

September 22...What a great meeting we had in Catsprings Sunday at the Cramer's museum and hacienda. We had more than twenty members and seven Packards in attendance. It was really a treat to tour the back roads between Sealy and Catsprings in a long convoy of Packards and brand x's.
Speaking of treats, Camille's mystery ingredient for the meat loaf really made it special! We owe them a big thank you for being excellent hosts! The oldest car in the caravan was Bob Supina's '37 convertible sedan. The youngest was a tie between John and Vivian Lortz's '54 Patrician and Dale and Janice Musgrove's '54 convertible. It was nice to see the Brun's '40 160 back on the road with new valves, new carburetor, and new freeze plugs. The Baccaros were happy to get their '48 limo out on tour for the first time since Salado. It ran perfectly with a new fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor, and a major tune up. Mike Rigsby's beautiful '47 Custom Super Clipper also drew a lot of admiring looks!( Tommy offered to trade his '47 for Mike's but Mike was not interested!)
Here's a few images...enjoy!





August 18....Hickory Hollow Restaurant with the Orphan Car Club...GREAT TURNOUT!

June 9.....George and Terrie Becker's place in Nassau Bay.

May 19....Community Event at Marriot Sugar Land Oaks assisted living facility.

Apr 4-7....Salado Packard Meet...let's go for a great weekend of Packarding!

Mar 8-9....Brenham Swap Meet...bring your goodies to sell.

Feb 10.....Swinging Door BBQ on FM359 north of Richmond (South of Bob Supina's hangar.)

January 13....Sunday@2PM at Mary Anne Cramer's in Greenwood Forest.

December 8....Saturday@noon at the Tracy and Trudy Hammack's in Montgomery.

November 15....Saturday@2PM at the Rigsby's in Clear Lake.

October 12-14....Fall 'Ole Harry Boy Run' around Huntsville.

September 15....Saturday@2PM at the Musgrove's in Brookshire.

August 19...Sunday@2PM at the Baccaro's in Sagemont.

June 24-29....The 36th National Meet of Packard Automobile Classics was held in Canadaigua, NY.

May 26........The Lone Star Packard Club met at The Park in Friendswood. The Park is an Assisted Living facility. We went there to share our treasures with those who live there and hopefully jog a few memories of glorious days gone by.

April 6,7,8...24th Annual Texas Packard Meet in Salado, Texas at the Stagecoach Inn. This is a MUST for all Packard lovers.

The annual “OLD HARRY BOY RUN” took place the weekend of October 12, 2001. Huntsville was home of General Sam Houston and is also the home of the university named in his honor. Sam Houston was the hero of the Battle of San Jacinto as well as the first president of the Republic of Texas. In addition, he is unique in American history as he is the only man to ever have served as governor of two different states. Huntsville is approximately eighty miles north of Houston on interstate forty five.

The tour began Friday morning under threatening skies on the outskirts of town where the giant sixty seven ft statue of the general greets travelers on the interstate.

After touring the gift shop and information center, the caravan traveled to the north side of town. “The Walls”unit is the main facility of the Texas prison system with some of the original buildings dating back to the civil war era. Before entering, we had to leave all belongings in the Packards with the exception of a picture identification. After they checked to make sure none of us had outstanding warrants, the eighteen members of Lone Star Region were escorted (by two armed escorts) on a one hour tour of the main prison. We saw the release center, clinic, education building, a typical cell block, the chapel, and the original cell block which was retired about 15 years ago for safety concerns. John Wesley Harding was reputed to be one of the “baddest” guys in the west. We saw the isolation chamber where he was held for nearly two years before being released back into the general prison population. This of course was in the old cell block mentioned earlier..


Following the prison tour we hit a local BBQ


After checking into the La Quinta, we traveled to the Golden Corral restaurant where we joined the Huntsville Cruisers for the bi-monthly cruise night.( By now the rain was starting and a real storm followed early Saturday morning). The plan had been to join the Cruisers Saturday morning for a forty mile trip to a car show on Lake Livingston but it was all cancelled due to the unfriendly skies above. In its place, the Geer family (members of the Huntsville Cruisers) invited us to tour their restoration facilities and see their collection of fine cars. They had several restored Fords including a ‘29 model A, a ’70 Mach I, a ‘67 Fairlane G.T., and a couple of Rancheros in progress. They also had a great ‘41Plymouth street rod and a beautiful ‘56 Chevy convertible that even the Ford guys liked! Park. As we approached the lake, The Cramer’s ‘47 Custom came to a quick stop as did our ‘55 Clipper. There were seven beautiful white tail deer in the middle of the road checking out the Packards! However, the third car in the caravan was Bob Supina’s ‘37 convertible equipped with the unique“early warning system” brakes and the deer took off before anyone beyond the second car could see them! Bob does want it known that he made it all the way from Fulshear to Huntsville and back without a problem! David Mc Donald wants his 50 Club Sedan up closer to the front next time!


Saturday night we dined on a feast at the Homestead Inn. This is a beautiful pre civil war structure built of logs that has been converted to a gourmet restaurant. The stormy weather all weekend limited the Packards to the Cramer’s ‘47 Custom Super, the Baccaro’s ‘55 Custom Clipper, Bob Supina’s ‘37 Super 8 convertible Sedan, and the Mc Donald’s sporty ‘50 Club Sedan. The eighteen participants gathered for breakfast Sunday morning to start planning for next October’s tour. Tentative plans are for a central Texas location including a tour of the painted churches in the Czech country. Lone Star Region invites all to join us next fall.

The weekend of October 20-22 2000 was last year's date for the annual "OLD HARRY BOY RUN". Our annual fall tour is named in honor of the late Harry Cramer, and his son D.J. acts as the Tour Master. This was the seventh annual fall run and this year it centered on the Bryan/College Station area. Friday we rendezvoused just west of Houston in the small town of Waller. After checking out several antique shops and the local "Sonic", the caravan of Packards and brand x's moved out at high noon. Our first stop was at the Texas World Speedway just east of College Station. The good folks at the speedway actually interrupted time trials so we could take the Packards for two laps on the banked 2.5-mile track. Unfortunately, we were asked to allow one of the officials to pace us in his 57 Bentley. We were never able to get it to go fast enough to give the Packards a real work out! Bob Supina did manage to go high on the track once but he, quickly got back in line after he nearly took out a flag man!

The Cramer '47 Super was at the "back door and D.J. said it was really a sight to watch the Baccaro's '55 Clipper Custom doing it's best to keep itself level as it flew around the track. It did a pretty good job of it and several remarked they thought they had seen a factory ad featuring a '55 doing the same thing at the Packard track decades earlier. After our time on the track, we were allowed VIP status and we got to wander around and visit with various owners and mechanics of the racecars. Our next stop was the Vilas Motor Works in nearby Bryan. John Vilas is quickly gaining the reputation as the shop of choice for people in Texas who want to get a Packard engine rebuilt. His shop is located in a restored building that was actually the first "new car" dealership built in Bryan after the war. It was a Plymouth dealer. It must have been one of the few single marquee Plymouth dealers around. Most were either Chrysler/Plymouth or Desoto/Plymouth. John currently has the following Packard motors in various stages of restoration: a twelve, a 288, a 356, and a Packard P.T. boat engine. While Mr. Vilas has conducted technical sessions at Salado, it was really nice to actually tour the shop and see the various engines in different stages of restoration. After checking in at the Comfort Inn and having a short rest, we headed for the "Chicken Oil Ranch" where we experienced that one of a kind Texas delicacy, the "chicken fried steak". The evening was filled with picture sharing, car talk, and playing cards.

Saturday morning found five beautiful Packards and nineteen Lone Star members in the horseshoe drive in front of the George Bush Library and Museum on the campus of Texas A&M University. This included Bob Supina!s '37 convertible sedan, Mike Rigsby's '39 Six, the Larry and Lilly Myer's '40 120, the Baccaro's '55 Custom Clipper, and Tour Master Cramer's '47 Custom Super Clipper.

The Bush museum and library are dedicated to the 50 years of service the former President gave our country. The exhibits feature his years as the youngest navy pilot in WW2 through his White House years. Because the National Gallery is being remodeled, we had a really special treat on this visit. The official presidential portraits of all the presidents were on display and they will remain at the Bush library until January. They are worth the trip! From the library we pointed the Cormorants towards Clementine's restaurant in historic downtown Bryan. This is actually a great antique shop that doubles as a fine restaurant. The food was great! After lunch we headed out of town to Joy's Pottery where Joy gave a super demonstration on making various types of pottery. Several made purchases. From Joy's, we walked across the street to the Messina-Hoff Winery. This is one of the largest wine producers in Texas and several of their wines were frequently featured at various White House events during the Bush years. As you might guess, these folks did not plan on staying neutral in this year's presidential race. We toured the vineyards and got to witness the various stages of wine production. We also learned some interesting facts. Do you know why a rose bush is often planted at the beginning of each row of grapes? Roses are generally susceptible to the same diseases as the vines and by putting the bush at the front of the row, the growers often get an early warning before a problem starts on the vines. The best part of the visit was the wine tasting party at the end of the actual winery tour. Here we were allowed to taste numerous wines produced by the company. We were taught how to experience the "bouquet", taught how to properly "wet the palet", and how to "cluck" the wine. Most of us have had more experience with Texas long necks!!!!!!! The day ended with a gourmet dinner in the "Vintage House Restaurant" adjacent to the hundreds of rows of grapevines. After a long night of laughing about the clucking and remembering the fun on the track, all retired to dream of Packards. The next morning we met for breakfast to immediately begin planning next year's "OHBW', We selected one of the sites on the "Texas Independence" trail. Our tour will center on Huntsville. This was the home of General Sam Houston and it is located approximately 90 miles north of Houston on I-45. The members of Lone Star Packards cordially invite you to join us next fail

Tommy Baccaro-Activities Director