Member's Packards


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New cars of Members



1933 Packard Eight Coupe, Roadster

Harold and Marisol H.







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Members cars not previously posted:


1920 Twin-Six 355 7-Passenger Touring

Tom and Evelyn T.




Bob S.'s Early 1925 Single SIX Sedan


Bob S.'s Late 1925 Single SIX Sedan


1927 Packard Opera Coupe

Roger and Janet 's 1927 Opera Coupe

Bill and Sharon's 1935 Super Eight Gentleman's Coupe s at the Packard Proving Grounds
This picture was taken by the professional photographer. As soon as we get his name we will give due credit for the great shot.

Bob and Gail's Original 1937 1500 Williams English Sedan
1937 Packard Lebaron Town Car
Bob and Gail's 1937 1502 LeBaron Town Car

Bob Supina's 1937 1502 Dietrich Convertible Sedan

Rich and Karen 's 1938 Six Coupe

Mike and Carolyn 's 1939 Six Coupe

1939 Packard Twelve Limousine

This 1939 Packard Twelve Limousine is the new jewel in the collection of

Mike and Caroline

It is 'Barn-Fresh' and 99.9% complete


Jim H.'s 1940 1807 180 Convertible Sedan

Larry and Lily's 1940 110 Coupe


George and Jackie's 1940 1803 160 Club Sedan

Tommy and Carol's 1947 Custom Super Clipper

Ben & Janice's 1947 Custom Super Clipper Limousine

Yes! another 1947 Custom Super Clipper in the club...this one belongs to Robby


Tommy and Carol's 1948 2222 LWB Deluxe Super Eight

Richard H.'s 1948 Eight


Gene O.'s 1949 2279 Convertible


David and Jeanne's 1950 2365 Club Sedan

Dale and Janice's 1951 Henney Hearse

Dale and Janice's 1953 Convertible along side a Packard-Powered P-51


1953 Packard Carribean

1953 Packard Carribean Convertible

Mike and Dixie


John and Vivian's 1954 Patrician


1954 Four Hundred

Dale and Janice

1954 Four Hundred




Tommy and Carol Baccaro's 1955 5560 Custom Clipper
1955 Packard

Tommy and Carol's 1955 5560 Custom Clipper

1955 Four Hundred 2-door Hardtop


Walter and Pat's

1956 5682 Patrician


Ron and Juanita's

1956 5680 400 2 door hardtop