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Lone Star Packards was formed in the Houston area in 1964 and it is the third oldest region of the Packard Automobile Classics (PAC) in the country.  Since we were the first Packard club in Texas we laid claim to the Lone Star name and had members from all over the state.  Today we have three other regions in Texas so most of the  Lone Star Packards members reside in the Houston Gulf Coast area.  Our club welcomes anyone with an interest in Packards whether they own a Packard or not. We are a family oriented club and many of our children have grown up in the club and now bring their children to the meetings and activities.  One of the reasons for the success of Lone Star Packards has to be related to the many activities we offer through out the year.  Every month we have a meeting held in rotating areas of the greater Houston area. We have a Christmas party at an upscale facility, we have an annual  fall tour, and we have a huge contingent of our membership that makes the annual trek to the Texas Packard Meet in April.  In addition, our club does at least two public service activities each year.   We have a rich history of which we are very proud.  We are not only one of the oldest regions, we were the co-founders of the Texas Packard Meet.  We have hosted two national meets, one in 1984 and the other in 1998 and we were able to have James J. Nance (the last president of Packard) to attend and speak at our national meet in 1984.  We have been successful in establishing several national projects and we, along with the other Texas Packard regions, secured a WWII Packard PT boat engine for the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg. Our award winning monthly publication, The Owner's Manual, as well as having an informative website also contribute to our success.
If you have an interest in preserving Packards history as well as actual vehicles, you and your family are most welcome in the Lone Star Packards region of the Packard Club. Join us and enjoy the fun.  Print a Membership Application from this page. Visit Lone Star Packards on Facebook at
 Happy Packarding!   
Featured Member Car

Beautiful and Unique: The Dalton's 1937 Packard115-C Six Coupe

Recent new members, Mary Ann and John Dalton bring an excellent example of Packard automobiles to the Lone Star Packards fleet of Packards. This Fifteenth Series 1937 115-C Six Coupe is unique as it was the first six cylinder Packard since 1927. This new 237 CID six cylinder was derived from the successful eight cylinder used in the 120 model Packards. It is also unique as the 1937 115-C was the only Packard ever to have a 115 inch wheelbase. The model identification “Six” evolved to the “110” model in 1940.

John shares some history of this car: “I bought this car from Greg Tyree in Turlock, California about one year ago. He had put about 3,000 hours in the restoration when I purchased the car. It was about 80% finished. He had health problems and sold it to me unfinished. Most of the mechanicals were finished and I did the cosmetic work. Greg is a professional restorer and has spent his entire career in the restoration business having won the President's Trophy in 1983 at Pebble Beach. He has won several more awards at many shows through out his career. I was lucky to have acquired it . It’s initial outing after all these years was at our Lone Star Packards club meet. All of the parts are original and are period correct down to the interior . I plan on enjoying this car for many years to come.”